Privacy Policy

All data transferred to Trilands will be processed and stored electronically as safely as possible.

Private Data

We will only use company and/or personal data to fulfil your requests. We will not disclose any data to third parties, with exception of completion of a request or when you explicitly allow us to do so. Your private data will be kept as safe as possible by us.


Trilands is an Belgian company within the European Union and will comply the GDPR to the best of it’s ability.
We create, use and process data, so data is at the heart of our company and we handle it with care and safeguard all data and information.
You can easily request to see your data as stored in our database at any time. If you wish to be forgotten, removed or deleted, you can request us to do so.
Our DPA will notify the European Commission Privacy Board and the data subject, whose data is being leaked, within 72 hours after the breach is detected. Immediately after detecting, Trilands will investigate the breach and will take steps to reduce any further exposure or harm.
More information regarding the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016/679  ) (GDPR), please visit the official EU Data Protection website  .

Data Retention

As we retain backups, any information that is forgotten will take time to actually disappear.